‘Enchant me’ (song & video)

This is a truly magical time of year – not because of the inevitable lead up to Christmas, not because of the mad rushing around, not because of the frantic present buying, not because of all the fun, parties, reunions and celebrations – and not even because of all the pretty lights.

This is a magical time of year because there is no other time that invites us with such persuasion and integrity to enter the womb of darkness, to visit,  journey and to embrace all that is found there – raw and unveiled.

This is a magical time of year because despite the unknown, the unresolved, the shadows, we are never left without our inner flame, our eternally devoted candle to explore and be.

This is a magical time of year because we are fully invited to shed layers, skins, barks, to let go of what no longer serves us and see our beautifully divine, mystical and earthly nature.

This is a magical time of year because we are invited to be who we are – just that – nothing more… BUT nothing less…

This is a magical time of year because we are invited TO  BE the MAGIC that we ARE.

Here is my little contribution to this journey: ‘Enchant me’- my latest song and video.

“It’s gone midnight, in this lonesome town
No one around, not a single sound
There on the ground
Right on the paving stones
My very soul battles with my bones.
I said, ‘soul, don’t fall that low’
She said, ‘no no no, I’m here to rise those bones’.
I said, ‘what has death been so?’
She said, ‘no no no, life’s here to rattle those bones…’
Enchant me with your smile
Enchant me with your grace
Enchant me in style
Let my heart race…
Someone’s holding the light up there
Someone really cares
So rattle those bones ’til the night gets scared
Rattle those bones ’til there’s no weight bare…
Dance with me right through the night
Dance with me ’til you feel alright
Dance with mean in this wild light
Dance with me …
Enchant me with your smile
Enchant me with your grace
Enchant me in style
Make my heart race”

‘Hold The Space’ (Original song/video)

Being here is SHOWING UP.

Being here is a BIG YES to standing naked with dreams, visions, offerings  and also imperfections.

Being here is a CELEBRATION of all those “not quite right bits’; an ode to the scars, the wrinkles, the wonky, the crooked, the “not enough”, the “too much.” A welcoming, an allowing, an acceptance of ALL THAT IS.

Being here is the tear within the smile; the smile within the tear.

Being here is a DANCE to dreaming , believing, doing – and this, is spite of….

Being here is EMBRACING that very ‘ALL THAT IS’ – the magic, the beauty, the flow, the uncertainty, the change. A COMMUNION with ‘maybe’, with “perhaps’, with ‘I don’t know’.

Being here is a warm HUG to self, the universe and life itself.

Which one of your little imperfections will you welcome and love today? Which small daring step will you take in celebration of YOU and all that you are?

Here is mine today: Hold the Space (original song and video) 🍂🍃🍁

‘Fragile Beauty’ (original song/video)

Fragile Beauty – Natacha Dauphin

For all those who have blessed our lives and passed away. For all those who are dealing with loss and grief. In honour of life, always. Life here on earth – and life beyond, in other realms. Trust and gratitude for the sacred cycles of life.

In the snow
Once beautiful
Do go

Precious beauty
Came to me
Fragile beauty
Let it be

Delicate petals
Flowers grow
Let them go

Precious beauty
Came to me
Fragile beauty
Let it be

Whisper my name
As softly as the rain
Kisses my tears
Never in vain

Butterfly wings
In majestic flow
Once conquering
Rest now – it is so

Precious beauty
Came to me
Fragile beauty
Let it be

Sacred body
With a magic glow
Once home to the soul
Ashes will now sow

Precious beauty
Came to me
Fragile beauty
Lifted me, lifted me, lifted me….”

Let’s All Dance… (+original song and video)

There is joy in each moment. There is sadness in each moment. There is peace in each moment. All is well. All is at it should be. There is no ounce of resignation in acceptance. Acceptance enables being, living, creating and knowing when to take action.

When we come back to our breath, fully, we enter the magic realm of gratitude for this very gift. All is well within THIS breath. No worry, no danger, no threat.

Writing, painting, singing, expressing are bridges, rainbows, means of acknowledging what is, what comes up and what needs to dance before it can rest. If emotions are energy in motion then let’s all dance in whatever way frees our being from the bondage of the mind.

Here I share with you ‘The Reign of the Night’ – because sometimes an experience and the feelings attached to it replay themselves over and over again until we are able to accept and let go…🍃

“I follow the thread of the story
But it goes backwards I’m so sorry
It makes you bleed
Each time I feed this hungry beast
A new seed gets buried too deep
That I can see,
Too clearly…”

An Uncanny Burst of Scented Stars

There is a sacred space in which time no longer exists as such, in which the flavour of eternity and unconscious memories dances with the perfume of today’s visions and dreams.

In this space: mirrors, reflections, light, darkness, ripples… creation. I will rest here for while….

Life is presence, movement, change and most of all mystery. No beginning, no end. An uncanny burst of scented stars.🌟

‘Dreams…’ is my second little homemade video. 🌿
Original song with Tibetan bowl, Indian tampura, cow bells, ankle bells and voice. 🦋 I recorded it sitting on the floor of the front room, singing and playing to the flame of a candle.❣️
Montage made with snippets taken on my walks in Yorkshire UK and some reflections in the river Ouse in York at night. 🦉

Where do your wonderings/wanderings take you?🌈

“Dreams of an Ancient Time
Dreams of an Ancient Land
Dreams of an AncientWound
I gaze through the window of my heart
It looks unto my soul
Such soft whispers
Such sweet whispers
Birthing the vision of a better world”

Silence in order to hear…

As human beings we are blessed with the ability to connect, interact, communicate and share with one another. We are also blessed with the precious gift of being able to stand and be on our own – which in itself is invaluable to the process of coming home and reconnecting with one’s essence, visions and dreams.

I love people, I love spending time with them but I also crave moments of solitude that allow me to become one with what is, that encourage me to seek deeper, to travel further into the mysteries of life, the unknown and the unexplored.

Renewing one’s commitment to dream, believe, live, create on a daily basis is essential to one’s path and being. In order to do so we need to give ourselves and each other space. Space to be, to allow, to heal, to welcome and to blossom.

Only then can we truly share.

One needs silence in order to hear, unconditional presence in order to fully incarnate and emptiness in order to create.

With this in heart and mind, here is my first song sharing:

With much love, always…