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Welcome to my ‘Honouring Your Creative Fire’ blog.

Thank you for stopping by.

I am so excited to start this adventure here with you and hope you will find this space inspiring and nourishing.

After having somewhat ‘hidden’ for years it is time to just be, allow, welcome and celebrate all that is. Therefore I will be sharing my wanderings, thoughts, songs, videos, photographs… my ‘findings’ and my ‘getting losts’ !!!

My wish is to be as open with you as I am able to – strong & vulnerable – so that you may feel the resonance of your own creative fire speak louder than any limiting thoughts and distorted beliefs. May the impulse to attend your inner spark give you permission to do ‘your thing’, take you on a journey of playful exploration and creative weaving beyond your imagination.

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With love always,

August 2017

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