‘The Spirits Are Calling Now’ – Original song/video

The drums called me home a while back. They whispered, sang, howled, and beat until I listened. I don’t know where home is but I do know that there, there is a drum. A drum beating to the rhythm of my own heart, to the rhythm of the earth, to the light of the stars, to the dance of the whole universe.

My original song and video  ‘The Spirits Are Calling Now’ to share the journey with you. (Most of the footage I filmed in Lithuania while making my medicine/shamanic drum)

“Do da han de du dan do…

Within the womb of the world
Most precious jewel – a hidden pearl

Rising from the deep well
Rising within each cell, Hmmm

Within the bones
Within the stones
Present with every breath
With every death

The spirits are rising now
The spirits are calling now, Hmmm

Do da han de du dan do…”

Author: Natacha

I am little me, excited to capture the mysteries, wonders of life through song, photo, video, writings - trying my best not to put them in a cage. Embracing darkness - for at her heart lie profound gifts, and allowing the light to shine through - for even in the most challenging moments, the flame is always lit. I am French with Italian, Portuguese, Narragansett and probably a lot more of other spices blood! l presently live in the UK where I work as a voice/singing teacher and therapist. All songs, photos, writings, videos on this blog 'created' by myself unless otherwise stated.

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