The Mind is Just a Scared Bunny

It is absolutely OK to feel. It is absolutely OK to express. It is absolutely OK to share.

The heart wants nothing more than to open, feel and embrace. The mind on the other hand spends much of its time freaking out and strategically planning our unnecessary rescue.

With all due respect to this amazing creature which is the mind, it can often act like an overly protective parent who inadvertently hinders the confidence of their child by trying to save their baby from the world.

When there is real danger our most sophisticated programmes kick in – which to be honest is a blessing and often a life saver. But do we really need to deploy our attack and defence forces when we are sitting on a sofa? Creating a vision? Walking towards our dreams? Having a conversation? Sharing our heart? Honouring our creativity? It is a bit mad, if we think about it, isn’t it?

OK – making coffee is essential, right? But do we tend to leave the machine running day and night, making coffee whether we are in or out – just in case? Even the most caffeine addicted would not do that. Pushing the ON button is essential when we want that coffee. But then we switch it OFF. As human beings we need to learn to de-programme, to know how to switch that button from ON to OFF and we need to be disciplined about it. There is no other way.

So thank you mind for all you do. But 90% of the time there is no problem to solve and we do not need protecting or rescuing. Rest, sweet mind while we explore!

The mind is just a scared bunny…. It finds the light threatening. Perhaps it thinks we are going to disappear into the sun if we shine too bright.

Perhaps it believes we are going to be in danger if we allow, are and act from a place of centred heart energy. Perhaps it fears we will fall apart if we feel and live a life fuelled by intuition, love and abundance. We do not have to take on these distorted beliefs. Instead let’s go back to source and listen to the light and wisdom within.

Why is it that we human beings either shut down, suppress or judge and punish ourselves for feeling, sensing? How crazy is that – really – if you think about it…? What is, just is; isn’t it? I am not talking about blindly tolerating the atrocities which are going on in the world and on this planet but about really seeing, observing and being true to one’s inner landscape.

Shouldn’t our effort and energy be put into aligning ourselves with what is? Into becoming more aware and awake so that we are no longer the slaves of some delusional reality? So that instead of walking blind and fooling ourselves we really see and grow into the beautiful uniqueness that we have been given and are?

Retuning ourselves so that integrity is at the core of our actions; so that rather than letting a disguised need to fix our lack of self worth take the reigns and inevitably destroy our life and those of others, we step into our own power and dignity with love; so that flattery of the ego is not a road we would ever consider again.

So that inner peace can eventually reign over our demons.

With the blessings of the New Moon, may we surrender with grace, let go of what is no longer serving us and set some heart centred, soul fuelled intentions.


Author: Natacha

I am little me, excited to capture the mysteries, wonders of life through song, photo, video, writings – trying my best not to put them in a cage. Embracing darkness – for at her heart lie profound gifts, and allowing the light to shine through – for even in the most challenging moments, the flame is always lit.
I am French with Italian, Portuguese, Narragansett and probably a lot more of other spices blood!
l presently live in the UK where I work as a voice/singing teacher and therapist.
I am one of the founders and members of a yummy acoustic duo called Lunabaï & We write and perform our own quirky material with lush harmonies and a variety of weird instruments!
All songs, photos, writings, videos on this blog ‘created’ by myself unless otherwise stated.

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