Let’s All Dance… (+original song and video)

There is joy in each moment. There is sadness in each moment. There is peace in each moment. All is well. All is at it should be. There is no ounce of resignation in acceptance. Acceptance enables being, living, creating and knowing when to take action.

When we come back to our breath, fully, we enter the magic realm of gratitude for this very gift. All is well within THIS breath. No worry, no danger, no threat.

Writing, painting, singing, expressing are bridges, rainbows, means of acknowledging what is, what comes up and what needs to dance before it can rest. If emotions are energy in motion then let’s all dance in whatever way frees our being from the bondage of the mind.

Here I share with you ‘The Reign of the Night’ – because sometimes an experience and the feelings attached to it replay themselves over and over again until we are able to accept and let go…🍃

“I follow the thread of the story
But it goes backwards I’m so sorry
It makes you bleed
Each time I feed this hungry beast
A new seed gets buried too deep
That I can see,
Too clearly…”

Author: Natacha

I am little me, excited to capture the mysteries, wonders of life through song, photo, video, writings – trying my best not to put them in a cage. Embracing darkness – for at her heart lie profound gifts, and allowing the light to shine through – for even in the most challenging moments, the flame is always lit.
I am French with Italian, Portuguese, Narragansett and probably a lot more of other spices blood!
l presently live in the UK where I work as a voice/singing teacher and therapist.
I am one of the founders and members of a yummy acoustic duo called Lunabaï https://www.facebook.com/lunabai.music/ & https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl8zhSuPYaIRwPSOEn-cEuQ. We write and perform our own quirky material with lush harmonies and a variety of weird instruments!
All songs, photos, writings, videos on this blog ‘created’ by myself unless otherwise stated.

4 thoughts on “Let’s All Dance… (+original song and video)”

  1. Sometimes, I think, the key to accepting and letting go of an experience and the feelings attached to it, is to express the feelings; sometimes, I think, the key is to allow the feelings to change.

  2. Daisy – you are on your journey, and I feel that you will come out on the other side and in to the light. Remember you are loved – a day and forever. A pleasure is not full grown until it is remembered.

    1. Thank you Debbee. I am fine really. The danger is when we are not able to embrace the darkness. When we are able to allow what is, the darkness dissipates and the light shines through. Much love 🌈

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