‘Hold The Space’ (Original song/video)

Being here is SHOWING UP.

Being here is a BIG YES to standing naked with dreams, visions, offerings  and also imperfections.

Being here is a CELEBRATION of all those “not quite right bits’; an ode to the scars, the wrinkles, the wonky, the crooked, the “not enough”, the “too much.” A welcoming, an allowing, an acceptance of ALL THAT IS.

Being here is the tear within the smile; the smile within the tear.

Being here is a DANCE to dreaming , believing, doing – and this, is spite of….

Being here is EMBRACING that very ‘ALL THAT IS’ – the magic, the beauty, the flow, the uncertainty, the change. A COMMUNION with ‘maybe’, with “perhaps’, with ‘I don’t know’.

Being here is a warm HUG to self, the universe and life itself.

Which one of your little imperfections will you welcome and love today? Which small daring step will you take in celebration of YOU and all that you are?

Here is mine today: Hold the Space (original song and video) 🍂🍃🍁