‘Longing’, my first song and video sharing:


‘Dreams…’, my second little homemade video:
Original song with Tibetan bowl, Indian tampura, cow bells, ankle bells and voice. 🦋 I recorded it sitting on the floor of the front room, singing and playing to the flame of a candle.❣️
Montage made with snippets taken on my walks in Yorkshire UK and some reflections in the river Ouse in York at night. 🦉

“Dreams of an Ancient Time
Dreams of an Ancient Land
Dreams of an AncientWound
I gaze through the window of my heart
It looks unto my soul
Such soft whispers
Such sweet whispers
Birthing the vision of a better world”


‘The Reign Of The Night’

Because sometimes an experience and the feelings attached to it replay themselves over and over again until we are able to accept and let go…🍃
Original song – and my 3rd little video made at home with trees and reflections captured mainly at Moorlands woods and Millennium bridge woods in York.

“I follow the thread of the story
But it goes backwards I’m so sorry
It makes you bleed
Each time I feed this hungry beast
A new seed gets buried too deep
That I can see
Too clearly…”

‘Fragile Beauty’

Original song and video dedicated to all who have blessed our lives and have passed away… written for all those who are dealing with grief and loss. In honor of LIFE always, life here on earth – and life beyond, in other realms. Trust and gratitude for the sacred cycles of life.

‘Hold The Space’

– sometimes this is all that is needed…